What hope is there for my problem and/or question?

In today’s complex world, God’s practical counsel is desperately needed. There is tremendous hope in the fact that God has provided His Word, the Bible, to give answers for your problems and questions. God says He has provided everything necessary for a person to know Him and to live in a way that pleases Him. God promises to help and bless those who obey His instructions in the Bible. Therefore, the one who seeks after and follows God’s answers for life can have great hope, contentment, and direction to handle all the pressures of life.

Who can come for counseling?

HRF Counseling offers counseling for individuals and couples. One need not be a regular attender or member of a church to receive counseling.

What kind of counseling is offered?

Counseling is available to help with any problems you may be facing: marriage, parenting, addictions, disorders, fear, anger, grief, etc. Our counseling approach is based upon the truths of the Bible. Since God has fully provided answers to all of life’s problems in the Bible, it is superior to any other source of counsel. It is our goal, therefore, to skillfully and practically bring God’s answers to bear upon the difficulties you are facing.

Who are the counselors?

The counselors at HRF Counseling consist of pastors and other qualified individuals who are trained or are being trained in biblical counseling through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.

What does the counseling cost?

The cost for each counseling session is paid for by HRF Counseling because of the financial support of members of Hampton Roads Fellowship and others. There is no charge to those receiving counseling.

When will I be counseled?

Counseling is available by appointment only.

How long will counseling last?

Counseling sessions normally last one hour each week for approximately 8-15 weeks. The number of sessions may be shortened or lengthened depending upon one’s progress.

What will my counselor expect of me?

Your counselor will expect at least three things from you. First, you must have a willingness to grow and change. Second, you must attend each week’s session. Third, you must complete homework assignments between counseling sessions to implement and ensure lasting change.

Where do I begin?

To schedule an appointment, please click the link below.